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In Spring House we work with each other and on our own to build a social, sustainable future. We are always looking for unusual suspects. Through our differences, we can make each other stronger. Through supporting each other, we can make our community stronger. Together we can achieve more. Join our community!

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per year

A Spring House membership includes the following services:

● As a Spring House member, you are part of a network of innovators 
● You'll be actively connected by our team to other members who are working in the same field of expertise 
● Communal lunch for the members' rate (€6,- ex VAT) 

● You can participate in projects with other members 
● Access to member-only events and workshops 
● The opportunity to develop Spring House activities 

● 10-60% discount on meeting rooms 
● 10% discount on meeting rooms for your network 
● During Spring House Open House you can use a flex desk free of charge and bring a guest (every first Friday of the month) 
● Use a flex desk for €25,- a day or choose one of our member packages 
● From 17:00 you can use the Living Room to have a drink with your guests or fellow members

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The first month of your membership Spring House is for exploring the house. We think it's important you have a good time settling in and get to know the community. Therefore the first month of your membership you will get the following extra's:

● 4 free booking hours​ for meeting spaces (small or medium) 
● You'll get a buddy. This is someone who is already a member and will make you​ feel at home. This gives you the possibility to get to know the house and even more important: the community.

Additional packages

The membership can be expanded with extra's to fit your needs. You can choose from a few package deals that include options like postal service, lockers, workspace options and more.