Community of innovators

This is an impression of the growing network of Spring House members. We are a community of innovators, creative and cultural entrepreneurs, artists, strategists and researchers who develop new concepts for a more social and sustainable society. 

Together we can achieve more. Join our community!

Esther Eggink

Cleantech Innovator at Tekkoo 

Suzie-Ann Bakker 

Harvester and Junior Facilitator at Minkowski

Maarten Moerkerken

Project Support at Food Hub

Mighael Vroom 

Cleantech Innovator at Tekkoo

Noortje van Eekelen

Director and Founder of ACED

Wout Bierens

Project Support at Food Hub

Ferry Nagel

Advisor Care Innovation at Kennisland

Guadalupe Gomez Saavedra

Finance at Spring House

Willemijn de Jong

Advisor Education at Kennisland 

Joline van Berkestijn

Head of Content at Vandejong 

Leonard Crijns

Entrepreneur at Novanta

Anna Snel

Founder and Program Manager at Vuca Academy 

Yvonne Faber 

Program Leader Food Hub

Monte Konigs

Think Tank Member and Keynote Speaker at Whetston

Eveline Lubbers

Research Journalist and Co-founder at Undercover Research Group

Dominiek Kampman

Graphic Designer at Vandejong

Mayke Vandenweyer

Junior Designer at Vandejong

Wieteke Vrouwe

Advisor Social Innovation at Kennisland 

Heleen Sanders

Communication at Food Hub

Joan Veldkamp

Author, China and Japan Specialist at Joan Veldkamp Producties

Marina Elenskaya

Founder and Creative Director of Current Obsession

Martijn-Gijs van den Broek 

Director at VisitorData

Thomas Neerbos

Founder, Speaker and Coach at BenThomas

Nine van der Wal

Project Manager at Vandejong

Mark Willigers 

Project Secretary at Grayfield

Teun Janssen

Scrum Master, Agile and Personal (Leadership) Coach at Epic Agility

Arthur Peelen

Founder and Organisation Advisor at Goed Geschud

Dorota Gazy

Design Researcher at STBY

Dave van Loon

Advisor Urban Innovation at Kennisland

Tamara Mangelaars

Office Manager at Kennisland 

Kimon Moerbeek

Director and Advisor Education at Kennisland


Jeroen Molenaar

Agile Transformation Consultant and Certified Scrum Trainer at Epic Agility

Jim Boekbinder

Design Researcher at STBY

Thijs van Exel 

Advisor Social Innovation at Kennisland

Anne van Marwijk

Junior Partner at Perspectivity

Frank Maas

Organisation Advisor at Goed Geschud

Lindy Hensen

New Business Design at Tekkoo

Hellie van Hout

Partner and Facilitator at Publieke Versnellers 

Menno Liauw

Strategy Director at Vandejong

Iselien Nabben 

Consultant Leadership Development at Kennisland

Marieke de Vos

Chef de Bureau at Vandejong 

Marcel Oosterwijk

Head of Communications at Kennisland

Suzanne van der Geest

Advisor Care Innovation at Kennisland

Nina Stegeman

Design Researcher at STBY

Nora van der Linden

Director and Advisor Social Innovation at Kennisland

Stan Steverink

Facilitator and Consultant at Circle Radius

Han Rooijakkers

Agile Team Coach, Trainer & Lean Greenbelt at Epic Agility 

Joanna van der Zanden

Independent Curator and Creative Director at Throwing Snowballs

Anya Čonkić

Newcommers Contact and Community Group Support at In My Backyard

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp

Partner at Caracta

Bas Raijmakers

Creative Director and Design Researcher at STBY

Bas van Bentum

Graphic Designer at Vandejong

Katja Bauer

Advisor Marketing and Communication at Natuurmonumenten

Petra de Boer

Branding and Dialogue at Perspectivity

Janneke Brouwer

Innovator at Tekkoo 


Paul Schlüter

Agile Team coach and scrum master at Epic Agility

Rieta Aliredjo

Social Entrepreneur at

Igor Sancisi

Partner and Property Developer at Grayfield

Fien Hebly

Advisor urban renewal and care innovation at Kennisland

Sandra Rottenberg

Journalist, Moderator and Program Maker at Anchorwoman

Maartje van Laarhoven

Project Manager at Vandejong 

Dóra Kerekes

Trainee Design at Vandejong 

Dennis van den Berg 

‎Advisor Education at Kennisland 

Geke van Dijk

Co-founder and Strategy Director at STBY

Suus van de kar

Communication Manager at Food Hub

Mette Visser

Leadership Coach at metMette

Meike Negen

Partner and Project Manager at Grayfield


Yvette Pasman

Co-founder, Strategist and Facilitator at Minkowski 

Karin Muller

Program and Operations Manager at Ashoka & Co-founder of Braenworks Academy

Hester Aardse

Co-founder of PARS

Jeroen van IJzerloo 

Finance and Operations at Food Hub

Stéphanie van der Raad 

Advisor Education at Kennisland 

Edu Jansing

Social Impact Program Leader at Feyenoord City

Bas van Wieringen

Innovation Execution at Tekkoo