Welcome to Spring House, home for innovators!

Spring House is a members club for innovators at the IJ waterfront in Amsterdam.

We share the desire for a more social and sustainable society. Spring House is our network, workspace and lab. Here, at the Amsterdam waterfront, we inspire each other and work together. Spring House functions as a catalyst, stimulating positive change.

Want to join? Check out our membershipcontact us at hello@springhouse.nl or visit The Best of Spring House on November 4. 


The Best of Spring House | November 4

Get your ticket 

Every year at the beginning of fall, we celebrate Spring House. This year, Spring House turns 4 and we’ll have a special treat: The Best of Spring House. Come for a drink and enjoy a dynamic, substantial program showcasing all Spring House and its members have to offer.

Expect a refreshing, fun afternoon filled with talks, workshops, expositions, good catering and an amazing view on the IJ waterfront. Our community of positive changemakers will open conversations on these existential questions: 

  • Do I have the right to kill? 
  • Can I be happy?
  • Can I fix the world? 
  • Do I have to sell myself? 
  • Can I live with other people?
  • Can I love without borders? 
  • Can I still be a capitalist? 



Spring House is where we work, but most of all: it’s where we form a community. In our red clubhouse in the centre of Amsterdam, we join forces with one main goal: to stimulate positive change. We are contrarious, but socially-focused. 

In Spring House we work with each other and on our own, to build a social, sustainable future. We are always looking for unusual suspects. Through our differences, we can make each other stronger. Through supporting each other, we can make our community stronger. Together we can achieve more. Join our community!