This is an impression of the growing network of currently 175 Spring House members. We are a community of innovators, creative and cultural entrepreneurs, artists, strategists and researchers who develop new concepts for a more social and sustainable society. Together, we create our story from the ground up, inviting others with the same ambition to join us.

The founders of Spring House – Vandejong Creative AgencyKennisland and Joanna van der Zanden – were the first residents. Members drive the recruitment of new members, ensuring steady growth of the community and guaranteeing high quality and diversity of members.

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Maarten Essenburg

Digital strategist on so-called radical projects that matter at Vandejong

Petra Portengen

Human, Organisation and Leadership Developer at Petra Portengen

Marcel Oosterwijk

Head of Communications at Kennisland

Joan Veldkamp

Author, China and Japan Specialist at Joan Veldkamp Producties

Eveline Lubbers

Research Journalist and co-founder at Undercover Research Group

Dominiek Kampman

Graphic Designer at Vandejong

Koko Herder

Advisor Urban Innovation at Kennisland

Tamara Mangelaars

Office Manager at Kennisland 

Kimon Moerbeek

Director and advisor education at Kennisland

Fennemiek Gommer

Head of strategy and innovation at Caracta

Arian van Rijssen

Creative Strategist at Publieke Versnellers 

Bas van Bentum

Junior Graphic Designer at Vandejong

Katja Bauer

Advisor marketing and communication at Natuurmonumenten

Janneke Brouwer

Innovator at Tekkoo 


Petra de Boer

Branding & Dialogue at Perspectivity

Thijs van Exel 

Advisor social innovation at Kennisland

Emer Beamer

Founder and social designer at Designathon Works

Anne van Marwijk

Junior Partner at Perspectivity

Willem van Wijngaarden

Partner at Kwattaas

Martijn-Gijs van den Broek 

Director at VisitorData

Clari van der Putten 

Partner and independent consultant at Grayfield

Shay Raviv

Design researcher at STBY

Leonard Crijns

Entrepreneur at Novanta

Sanne van den Tillaar

Guest lecturer / teaching assistant at University of Amsterdam

Anna Snel

Founder and Program Manager at Vuca Academy 

Meike Negen

Partner and projectmanager at Grayfield

Lindy Hensen

New business design at Tekkoo

Hellie van Hout

Partner and Facilitator at Publieke Versnellers 

Iselien Nabben 

Consultant leadership development at Kennisland

Ellen Schindler 

Partner and business director at Kossmann.dejong 

Menno Liauw

Strategy Director at Vandejong

Herman Kossmann

Partner and creative director at Kossmann.dejong

Judith Blijden

Advisor Copyright and Digital Culture at Kennisland 

Larissa Bergshoef 

Communication at Kennisland

Astrid Lubsen

Design researcher at STBY

Nora van der Linden

Consultant education and social innovation at Kennisland

Jona Andersen

Software Engineer at Startup Studio Nescio

Stan Steverink

Facilitator and consultant at Circle Radius

Joanna van der Zanden

Independent curator and creative director at Throwing Snowballs

Sophie Knight

Design researcher at STBY

Anne Mieke Eggenkamp

Partner at Caracta Business Direction.

Franklin de Bekker

Creative strategist Vandejong

Bas Raijmakers

Creative director, design researcher at STBY

Rieta Aliredjo

Social Entrepreneur at

Igor Sancisi

Partner / Property Developer at Grayfield

Jaap Warmenhoven

Co-founder of Is Ook consultancy

Stephen Hodes

Partner/ director at LAgroup

Hester Aardse

Curator, art, science, architecture, urban heritage Pars Foundation

Peter Rombouts

Consultant, mover, coach at Inter'Motion

Sandra Rottenberg

Journalist and programmaker at

Geke van Dijk

Co-founder and strategy director at STBY

André Schaminée  

Co-founder and advisor at Is Ook

Tessa de Geus 

Advisor social and urban innovation at Kennisland 

Dennis van den Berg 

‎Advisor Education at Kennisland 

Tabo Goudswaard

Artist and social designer at Studio Goudswaard

Isabelle Vaverka

Art Director at Vandejong 

Noa Lodeizen

Head of Visionary Program Circular Economy at Ashoka


Maarten Zeinstra

Consultant copyright and technology at Kennisland

Marieke van Dijk

Independent creative strategist

Cyril van Sterkenburg

Director at Vandejong

Pjotr de Jong

Founder and creative director at Vandejong

Max Wohlgemuth Kitslaar

Speaker, business author, and action designer at Life Is Out There

Dagan Cohen

Creative director and cultural entrepreneur.

Antonia Weiss

Architect, designer and writer at

Amanda Pinatih

Freelancer in Art & Design. 

Stéphanie van der Raad 

Advisor Education at Kennisland 

Edu Jansing

Sports & Sustainability Consultant

Bas van Wieringen

Innovation execution at Tekkoo